The Terminal

The air was thick with tension. A shroud fell over the two men as they stared at each other, breathlessly, across the airport terminal. It was as if gravity itself had inhabited their bodies, pulling them together, two planets headed for a collision neither was prepared to survive. Fancy dropped his luggage, not caring what happened next, as in front of him was the man he’d been waiting for. Alive and breathing, no longer a mere avatar on 7A, the man of his dreams was finally his reality.

Danny was there, in the flesh, the real deal.

Fancy had always thought of Danny as being out of reach, a keyboard smash away, but this was no longer an online affair; he was here, he was real, and he was all Fancy’s.

In no time at all, the two had crossed the terminal, stopping when they were a hair’s width apart, Danny’s face hot on Fancy’s flushed face. Danny’s hand rose to cup Fancy’s cheek, as if he was dreaming. “I knew vc didn’t do you justice,” he breathed, and Fancy smiled.

“Aren’t you glad you I’m on the staff team?” He purred, lacing his fingers with Danny’s. Danny smiled, and nodded. “You may have given me a moon in 7A, but here, you are the moon.”

Story by Fancy#0012

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