The Shadow

[Aug 30th – 1996]
I’ve barricaded all the doors and windows. I’m the only one left. Sarah left two days ago to find food and I heard them tear her apart limb from limb just outside the door. Whatever it is, it lives in shadows. I believe it can see us in the house, like the walls are an extension of its senses. I’ve turned all the lights on, but I don’t know how long the generator will last. I hear it … or them, out there. I hope the lights keep them away.

[Aug 31 – 1996]
I haven’t slept since Sarah. I don’t feel particularly bad for her, maybe I haven’t been able to grieve her because I’m in survival mode. In any case, my sleep deprivation is getting bad, leaving the lights on constantly, added to the incessant buzzing of the generator has made it impossible to sleep.
At night, when they become more active, I can’t tell if the sounds are coming from the shadow, or if I’m just hallucinating.

[Sept 2 – 1996]
Saw one of its eyes today.
As I was staring at the wall to pass the time, it was just there. Staring at me. I realized some of the lights in the house went out. I can’t leave the kitchen anymore, and the eyes keep staring at me.
I hear a voice now. – “Open the door.”
-“We’re here to help, Mr. Thomas, just open the door”
I’m not opening it. No way.

[Sept 4 – 1996]
I heard Sarah’s voice today. She begged me to leave the room and come outside. She says I can get better like her, but I know what happened to her. I heard it all. The shadow’s just trying to trick me.

[Sept 5 – 1996]
They keep knocking and the voices say they will break the door down to get to me. They say it’s for my own good. They’re just outside, pounding on the door. My heart is pounding. I’ll sharpen this pencil as much as I can. I’m not going out without a fight.

New York Times – Sept 6 – 1996 – Robert Thomas, acclaimed journalist, was writing a piece on psychedelic experimentation – presumably experimenting with some of the substances himself – when he locked himself in a cabin with his wife. After some days, his wife Sarah Thomas managed to escape, and contacted Robert’s mental health team to attempt to recover him. After waiting several days for the effects of the ingested substances to subside, the team of doctors and Sarah entered the building, only to encounter a rabid Robert Thomas, who proceeded to repeatedly stab all those present, including his wife. His whereabouts are unknown, as well as the substance he ingested.

Story by Nohi#6952

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