Don’t Be a Johny

Johny is an average eboy. 20 years old, student, broke and a big player of league of legends. Being part of a not really understanding family, Johny isolate himself a lot and spend most of his time on discord with his friends. As most of the eboys Johny like to seek egirls and show that he is a good “daddy”. He actually has multiple kittens on different servers. Johny keeps it secret that he is playing with multiple girl. Each one thinking she is unique and special. Some even having feelings for him. Johny was very proud of owning a few egirls.

One day he received a DM from a person he didn’t know. On the profile picture it was a cute girl, so he was very curious about it. After a few messages and pictures exchanges he found out she was from his neighborhood. After a few days of talking, sleep calls, video calls, etc… she proposed to go drink something together and to take it to the next step.

Johny was really nervous about it as he never dated girls IRL but it was an occasion that would never happen again. After a few minutes of thought he finally accepted to meet her. They decided to meet in a park, at 2pm. Johny was so excited, he started to prepare himself, shave, hair cut, his best outfit, perfume, etc… He even decided to buy her a lotrle gift, a little plushie from League of Legends. he was so impatient that he arrived 10min earlier. He was stressed and excited at the same time. This pretty girl coming just for him, finally his first IRL experience. He will finally be able to be a real daddy with a pretty kitten.

At exactly 2pm he saw her approaching in a really cute dress, make up on and very high heels. His heart started to beat so fast, he tried to stay calm and keep his cool. He didn’t want to show her that he had no experience at all in dating. She finally arrived in front of him and said “hi” in a very shy way. He answered in a very clumsy way, losing a bit his words.

While he was still talking she picked her phone and started typing something. Johny didn’t give it a lot of importance. He was too focused on her cleavage. They both headed to qit on a bench and kept talking. She was smiling a llt and it gave him more confidence. After a few mintues someone behind them appeared and said “Hello, Big Daddy Dom”. He took a few seconds for Johny to trigger. It was the name his kittens call him. He looked behind him to find that it was on of his kitten. His heart started to beat even faster, losing his words trying to say “hi”.

Why would she be here and at this exact moment. Just after that more people started to gather around them. I guess you all understand what is happening. All the kittens of Johny were there. He knew right away, they planned everything. One of the kitten crossed another kitten way on a random server and from there, little by little, they found the other ones. They decided to teach him a good lesson. Seeing all of them gathered in that park made Jonhy nearly crying. I let you imagine the beating he got from that many girls. Egirls can scary and crazy, we all have experienced it at some point.

The morality of this story is : Don’t be a Johny on discord. Never meet the crazy egirls, they will beat your ass. Stay a good little eboy and never go out of your house. Keep playing videos game and fap thinking you are a daddy. Let the real men handle the real girls.

Story by Aiks#8008

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