The New 7A

The new 7A is kind of cool depending on who you are, but if you aren’t exactly part of the subgroup of people that enjoy that kind of thing, then you’re going to aggressively hate it. This is one of the oldest servers on Discord, and it has a crazy history. As with most Discord servers, there are waves of activity, known members, e-relationships, and obviously most of those fall apart. Then you have groups of people leaving the server, spin-off servers, and even straight-up revenge servers. This server has had all of it. We’ve even had groups of people banding together to “take down” the server. They’ve tried plenty of times in the past but always failed —until they didn’t.

At a certain point, there was a lot of money involved, and certain groups adopted a “spend money to make money” outlook on it. They paid a lot of money and organized for a long time to finally take the server down. Although the server is still up, it’s a shadow of its former self when it was the fourth most active server in Discord history, only rivaled by gaming servers with 500,000+ members. There was a long period when the server was completely dead, about two years.

Where we are now is why I’m writing about this. Basically, the server is only as active as a small friends group server, with 10 or 15 people who really get along with each other. Earlier, I mentioned that it takes a very special kind of person to actually enjoy the current state of things; think of late Zoomer/early Gen Alpha shitposting. In the early days, we had 40 to 50 staff members ruling with an iron fist. Now we have two staff members, and the most active one is a very young shitposting person who is only slightly racist. Either way, if it’s not your cup of tea, at least it’s entertaining.

Discord is a hell of a drug.

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