Homiesexual Tendencies

Discord, for most of its users, is a place where people can talk to their friends or even meet new friends. For some, it goes a step further, and allows people to meet their soulmate. I consider myself blessed for having been able to experience this first hand with some of Discord’s most notable people.

The love I’ve witnessed is almost cliché in its tale, given that the couple at hand are polar opposite in degree – one, being the most loved and adored, and the other, most hated.

It all began on one of Suite 7A’s infamous cam nights, where members congregated in a voice channel and connected on zoom to see each other’s face and judge them. Things were a little hectic at first and the energy was a bit odd, what with the e-girls pretending to play nice and the Discord doms sitting silently as they watch, but this didn’t last for too long.

Danny, the server owner, was in the middle of explaining the e-girl hierarchy to get the crowd going when suddenly a deep, baritone voice emerged from the crowd, enchanting Danny in such a way that he was struck with silence. The unknown man, whose voice was rich and heavy with the marring of smoke, booze, and a North Eastern accent, lulled the crowd as he continued on.

“Ah yeah, bitches are always hating on other bitches,” he said. The faces of the women on camera were wrought with confusion – were they insulted, or were they horny because of what this man just said? The Discord doms hiding within the shadows of their rooms looked for the nearest Mtn Dew can to crush with anger – this strange man posed far too much of a threat, and their expressions increasingly roiled with loathing, anxiousness, and fear.

Danny on the other hand, who was clearly beyond lovestruck, chimed up immediately with, “Yo who the fuck is this? Why isn’t your fuckin’ cam on, guy?” He sounded a bit aggressive, but that’s just Danny’s regular self – they say the further back your hairline recedes, the angrier you get by default, so he couldn’t really help it. But those who know him could tell immediately that his heart, and his head were swelling with excitement.

“I’m just some dude on the internet,” retorted the deep voice once more. He was clearly a man of mystery, and this only further antagonized the others in the call. The stranger did however comply, and just as Danny was getting ready to kick this guy out of the voice channel for overshadowing his masculinity, a blonde, bearded face popped up in the call, with the name Delver Diggington.

“Ah,” Danny said, “Delver. Nice to meet ya, how’d you find us?” Although he was trying his best to sound as blasé as possible, you could see him blushing through his dark complexion. The two men went on and on about e-girls, e-boys, rivalries and various other things. While Danny was just being his normal, antagonistic self, Delver seemed to have a better way with words and easily won over the crowd.

Over time, Delver became on of the most adored people on the server – people thought he was easy going, dependable, and overall a genuinely wholesome guy. Despite Delver entertaining the Suite 7A egirls to the best of his ability without crossing a line, the romance between him and Danny continued behind the scenes.

To this day, if you’re lucky enough to see it, fan art of Danny and Delver is posted throughout the server – the history of their love shared for everyone to see.

Story by soft kitty#1123

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