Welcome Guide

Suite 7A is an 18+ adult generalist community on discord. We pride ourselves in our easy-going and pleasant voice chat routine. With that said, we’ve been able to achieve our agreeable experience by filtering out the bad eggs almost immediately upon infraction, so please review our #rules, as we believe keeping up with them has created a desirable atmosphere for those who seek to chill out, make friends, or even flirt a little bit.

Considering we do have a naughtier side, we do take protecting our members very seriously, so be warned, we do not take kindly to creeps.


You level by typing in any channel other than bot channels. History in some channels are hidden until you reach our first tier, which is the elevator role. Other roles unlock access to limited voice channels.

  • Level 10 – elevator

  1. Unlocks channel history for: #selfie #trade #filth #kink #note #girls #guys for verified members
  2. Unlocks voice channels: limited 1 and music 2
  • Level 20 – room

  1. Unlocks voice channels: limited 2 and music 3
  • Level 30 – suite

  1. Use all caps
  2. Unlocks voice channels: music 4
  • Level 70 – penthouse

  1. Post images in #chat
  2. Change your nickname yourself whenever you’d like

Server economy

Buttplugs (or bp) are our server currency. buttplugs

    How to get them

  • .pick in #chat when they drop
  • Playing trivia in #trivia
  • Leveling 500bp at level 5, 1,000 at 10, 1,500 at 15 etc.
  • Gambling in #bots. See pinned messages

    Bonus bp

  • React events in #event
  • Awarded bp for posting selfies etc.
  • Team competitions

    How to spend them

  • Purchase nick colors and/or extra kink roles in #store
  • Spend them on waifus
  • Use them in #trade. People offer anything from drawing pics to one on one voice chats or pics in trade
  • Spend them on waifus. Some waifu commands: .affinity.claim.gift.waifuinfo.waifulb

Hidden channel history

If you can’t see the chat history of some channels, you are still lobby rank.
Some of those locked channels include #selfie, #girls, #filth, #kink.
You will need to be elevator role to remove that limitation.

Here are some options to get elevator:

  • Option 1. Typing

    Members get xp every time they type in a non bot command channel such as #bots and #trivia.
    Typing to level 10(elevator) only takes a couple days of moderate text activity or few hours of significant text activity.

  • Option 2. Inviting people to the server

    Invite 3 men who verify and get elevator and 30kbp. Invite 3 women who verify and get elevator and 50kbp

  • Option 3. Donating

    Donating to the server will get you elevator or higher ranks depending on the amount donated. See #fame for details.

  • Option 4. Buying the rank/role with bp

    You can purchase elevator with 10,000bp in #store.

That’s it for now! See you in #chat, and don’t forget your first post on https://suite7a.com gets you 5kbp!

See you in #chat!

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