Looking for Owners for Permanent VCs on Intell

We’re looking for owners who want to dedicate their time to managing these channels, which could be themes like Christian, Muslim, Conservative, and Liberal. If you’d like or know someone who would (currently banned users included), please let staff know via DM to @plato.

What are Permanent Custom Voice Channels?

Unlike our Custom Voice channels, Permanent Custom Voice Channels come with a designated Admin who has extra administrative powers:

  • Designated Ownership: Each channel has one owner who can designate permanent moderators.
  • Enhanced Moderation: Owners and mods can permanently mute members in the channel, though these mutes will be local to the respective channel.
  • Priority Placement: These channels are placed ahead of other custom voice channels.
  • Flexible Rules: They’re not forced to maintain the server’s standard rules as long as they’re within the frame of the Discord ToS.

Key Features and Differences:

1. Ownership and Moderation

  • Channel Owner: A channel owner is the one in charge of each channel and responsible for its maintenance.
  • Moderator Selection: Owners can appoint at least two moderators.
  • Permanent Mutes: Channel owners and mods can permanently mute a user in their channel. Muted users are only muted in that specific channel.
  • Not Kickable: Members can be muted only and cannot be kicked.

2. Activity Requirements

  • Channels need to be active to avoid getting deleted.
  • Owners should ensure that their channels have a clear purpose and are engaging.

3. Moderation Transparency

4. Staff Restrictions

  • Staff members may not be owners or mods of such channels and cannot be muted.

Starting Up and Operating Your Channel

1. Channel Purpose

  • Channels should have clear, direct names reflecting their purpose (e.g., 🕌 Islam).

2. Choosing Mods

  • Owners should designate at least two moderators who are not server staff members. These mods could either be in-house or out-of-the-house hires.
  • Commands for managing the channel include:
    • !mod @user Makes the user moderator.
    • !mute @user to mute a particular user.
    • !unmute @user to unmute a user.
    • !unmod @user to demote a moderator.
    • !ban @user to ban a member from the channel.
    • !unban @user for un-banning a member.

How to Apply

If you’d like to own one of these channels or know somebody who might, please reach out via DM to @plato. We’re looking for those passionate enough to keep the conversation going in their channels. Let us create spaces where ideas can be shared and debated respectfully. Join this exciting new venture. HELP build our community.

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