Event Guide

While Suite 7A has a plethora of things to offer, one of the most notable and favored things from the members is the unique events that happen weekly, bi-weekly, or even daily. We pride ourselves on the countless opportunities to allow new and old members to meet, break the ice, and perhaps even win something from the events.

Daily Events

You can guarantee that every day there will be at least three events for you to hop into with your friends. These events are held in main 1 and main 2 voice channels to ensure that everyone has access to attend. They are held at 2:00am, 9:00am, and 5:00pm, but also give members a chance to earn the server currency – buttplugs. Each one can vary from being a place to hangout and talk, or maybe even a game is hosted like Jackbox, or Sketchful.io.

SFW Events

For those who are here because they enjoy the company of other adults, or maybe need a break from the other NSFW facets Suite 7A has to offer, we have several options for our community to indulge in.

  • 1. EU Get To Know You Night – Sunday, 9am ET

    → If you’re overseas or looking for something earlier in the day, this might be for you! Get To Know You Night is all about being paired up one on one with various different people throughout the event. Video chatting is completely optional as well!
  • 2. Open Mic Night – Every other Tuesday, 10pm ET

    → If you like to sing, play an instrument, perform spoken word, read poetry, have a history of voice acting, this event is the perfect place to exhibit your talents. Open Mic Night is known for being a safe and entertaining place for people to open up and bond with other artists in the community.
  • 3. SFW Cam Night – Wednesday, 6:30pm ET

    → If you’re ever curious about the faces behind the names in chat, you might want to come to a cam night! SFW Cam Night is one of Suite 7A’s signature events, where members of our community come together to chat, have fun, and really get to know the people around you. Cameras are required!
  • 4. Get To Know You Night – Every other Saturday, 7pm ET

    → This event is all about being paired up one on one with various different people throughout the night and getting the chance to speak to people you maybe would have not approached on your own! Video chatting is completely optional as well!

NSFW Events

Getting to know new people is great, but what’s even better for some, is the chance to get freaky with them. Suite 7A also has a handful of NSFW events that allows everyone to be their freaky selves without any judgement. These events are hosted by the most trusted of staff members who consistently ensure that everyone is safe and having fun!

  • 1. 7 Minutes in 7A Heaven – Thursday, 6pm ET

    → Have you had your eyes on a specific hottie within the community? In this Ladies Night themed event where our wonderful women get in free, men have a BP buy-in and will then get paired up with a random lady for 7 minutes of steamy, hot fun. After the first round, people can place BP bids on the person of their choice, the prize being 7 more minutes with their long-desired interest. Cameras are optional but preferred!
  • 2. Filthy Friday, NSFW Cam Night – Friday, 8:30pm ET

    → Filthy Friday is another of Suite 7A’s signature events, where members from our community get together for some freaky truth or dare, strip poker, and various other games! Sometimes people just like to be on cam and let it all hang loose, and that’s okay too! Cameras are required!
  • 3. 7A Speed Dating – Saturday, 9pm ET

    → Almost as if it were the baby of 7 Minutes in 7A Heaven and Get To Know You Night, Speed Dating is all about getting paired up with potential matches, getting a chance to ask each other questions, and connect on a level that you may not have been able to in other events. If you end up getting a little freaky, go for it! Cameras are optional but preferred!

Club Events

You’ll notice that the channels within the server are minimalistic, clean, and relevant; but if you’re looking for some channels geared more toward special interests, you should consider heading over to → #join and see what hidden things we have to offer! Each club, while having a targeted interest, also hosts their own events throughout the week that you can attend and see what the club is about!

  • 1. DND Club – Sundays, varying times

    → A club based on DND where you can talk about it and actively play in a campaign.
  • 2. The Gamers’ Den – Sundays, 3pm ET

    → A club for people to post LFGs, talk about games, and participate in tournaments.
  • 3. Lovense Club – Mondays, 11pm ET

    → A club based on bluetooth long distance control toys.
  • 4. Anime Club – Mondays, 2pm ET

    → A club for weebs to gather, talk about anime, plan for conventions
  • 5. The Hobby House – Tuesdays, 3pm ET

    → A club for the discussion of general hobbies and like minded people.
  • 6. Music & Arts Club – Tuesdays, 9pm ET

    → A club for creatives to share their work, get inspired, and learn from each other!
  • 7. Reality TV Club – Wednesdays, varying times

    → A club for watching reality tv shows and gossiping about the characters and plotlines.
  • 8. All Saints Club – Wednesdays and Sundays, varying times

    → A club that is SFW centric with various gaming, drinking, and movie events.
  • 9. JDM Haven – Thursdays, 1pm ET

    → A club for car enthusiasts to talk about projects, dream cars, races, or even shitboxes.
  • 10. The Hellhole – Saturdays, 7pm ET

    → A club for sadbois and sadgirls to vent, be emo, and vent without being judged.

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