The Heist

“You sure this’ll work?” Cazza was skeptical as she wrapped her hands in gauze, staring at the glass window in front of her.

Cara slid her ski mask over her face and nodded. “Definitely. They won’t even see us coming.” She turned to Fayn, who could see the smile underneath the fabric even in the dim moonlight of the night. “You ready?”

Fayn nodded, sliding her own ski mask down. “Let’s do this.”

With a bracing breath, Cazza wound her fist and slammed it through the glass, shattering the silence. As soon as her fist was pulled back, Fayn tossed her coat over the broken window and began helping the other women into the darkened building, their heartbeats pounding in their ears as they waited in the quiet aftermath. After a few moments, Cara waved them forward.

“Come on, his computer is in here.”

As they snuck in, they passed an open door and peeked in; there lay Danny, snoring peacefully in his dreams as he cuddled up to Fancy.

At the end of the seemingly never ending hall was the door they were looking for. Fayn stepped forward, and with swift fingers, she picked the lock, pushing the door open with a quiet squeak. They stepped in and let out a collective sigh of relief.

“Quick, before we’re caught!” Cara hissed. Cazza wasted no time in plugging in her USB stick into the waiting desktop in the middle of the room. The other women watched as Cazza typed furiously, before stepping back with a satisfied smile.

“It’s done. The BP is all ours.” With quiet cackles, they slipped into the night, all the richer.

Story by ælora | Styx#5043

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