Evolved Apes

We’re all evolved apes that look to exercise our instinctive needs through settings. As the porn industry came free and easily accessible the human species has identified a new breed of humans.

This new breed of humans were different their physique was no different than the former generations. The women called themselves “girl” with their natural freckles and natural strands of pink hair just like antennas that terribly framed their face. Their straight parallel eyes that were so sharp just like their non existent cat eye.

A pink rectum instrument was their nourishment of choice, this species thrives on those objects to acquire the validation necessary to top waifu. These females weren’t meant to breed together. Along from the stickiness of what comes from the gum underneath a food court table was the male or more commonly known as the “e-boy” This species thrive long and hard to send mass Snapchat’s of half their face and demonstrate dominance by endorsing kidney failure from their choice of poor nourishment.

The e-boys would signal a mating call to go with their terrible odor from never washing their hands in a “cleanup” The women were more feral than ever. They sensed the presence of potential suitor, e-boy would secure his mating proposal by having matching profile pictures.

Mmm yes he was seen as dark and mysterious while she was kawaii with her ever so obvious Snapchat filter. What did it matter? The rare species of humans found love within their behavior. As just like any animal, they did missionary and the female was left alone to clean up after. Soon enough they will take over the whole world.

Story by ☼☽#4949

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