Deso x Female

Have you ever met the wild Deso? Frolicking in the hills of Suite 7A, seducing his way through the crowd of women, one by one they fall to his hand, his ginger charm maybe? His addiction to eating ass? One thing is for certain, the harem is growing and it’s growing fast. Can you escape the inevitable embrace of Deso holding you in his arms? Once he became a discord mod he became a kitten collector with the mindset of catching them all or at least placing his balls upon them.

You may be greeted with Deso offering to eat your ass or you might find him posting a variety of very naked women but once he slides into those DMs and his sweet words of pure seduction reach your ears, your thighs shall tremble as Deso works his way into your mind. There is no question, you will fall… the only uncertainty is when and how? Will he speak to you in his sweet English accent or will he pick you out of the chat?

Once Deso has you in his grasp, he will keep you safe kitten, for he is a man of many talents. Some say that Deso can emphatically make you drop your panties with one glance, one look and you’ll fall into the ever loving kitten status of pure lust.

One day and one day soon, Deso will tongue punch your fart box and suck your soul out of your ass. You cannot escape the inevitable ass connoisseur in his natural habitat, Suite 7a.

Deso is love, Deso is life, forgive him for all he wishes is for you all to become his wives.

Story by Ghosty#0404

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