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  1. zsh

    Word association game

  2. zsh

    Have you ever been in love?

  3. zsh

    Have you ever been in love?

    Many many times. Married twice. First time around 18
  4. zsh

    Random link spam

  5. zsh

    What's your favorite position?

    As the title says... Honestly I'm all about missionary(seriously). You?
  6. zsh

    How many?

    Yep, how many people have you been with?
  7. zsh

    What's your snapchat?

    Ah gotcha lol
  8. zsh

    What's your BattleNet tag?

    Mine is brutric#1534
  9. zsh

    What PC Games does everyone play here?

    Definitely geared towards gamers, but as we know, there are plenty of non game related server, including ours. However, I'm sure we have members who do game. With that said, I'm not much of a gamer myself.
  10. zsh

    What is your major? Why?

    Awesome I have some experience in server admin/devops
  11. zsh

    What's your snapchat?

    lol i know i did, @allie, but this thread is for everyone.
  12. zsh

    What's your snapchat?

    @dannymichel8 What's yours
  13. zsh

    Which obscure artists do you listen to?

    Fair enough. Makes sense