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Banned for no reason. Where else do I post this?

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I got banned from the server for having a discussion with other people. The admin said that I was being annoying and muted me. When he unmuted me, I told him that it was a dick move and that was a biased opinion (which it was). He said that his opinion is the only opinion that matters and banned me permanently for it (without any further discussion). What the fuck dude. I had friends on that server and this guy banned me for literally no reason. He can't even give one, nor will he apologize for it. I don't even know what to do..

Just found out his name was Winky or Winny... I'm not sure

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Winky is not an admin.

Sounds more like something I would say.

And admin behaving that way is unacceptable. However, I'm not an admin; i own the server and it's perfectly acceptable in my case.

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