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ban appeal

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User : OoGo#9599

ID: 567869754308689938

i was recently banned from your server for: "Trolling isn't cute. Boi bye."
i was enjoying a delightful conversation w/ another user, & as we were conversing in the voice chat- apparently me saying "facTs" bothered another user due to a lack of emphasis on my "T"s. The user in distress then messaged another fellow user, & they voiced this senseless issue aloud. They then went on asking me where I was from, as if my accent was a problem on my speech. I answered, & was pretty confused on why they were asking me. I didn't mind it until the user told me to start talking more proper to show respect to my peers. I then got defensive & said: "I live in the projecTs, man. iT's jus' the way I Talk." Then went on saying: "I shouldn't have to talk a certain way to fit other's expectations." (sommin along those lines, I really couldn't have been bothered w/ paying close attention). The user I was talking to "Eazy", even inboxed me saying that they clearly heard "Facts". It was a really petty ban, in all honesty.

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