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Get it right from the beginning, meaning don’t Perdue someone who you want to change or who needs help becoming who you want them to be.

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If you really like someone, don't hold back. Better to say how you really feel and be rejected than to lose out on something big.

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    • By Anastasia
      ”hey cutie”
      ”whats up”
      Oh my goooood could you not have any less personality? Aside from the fact that the initial anonymity gives people way too much confidence and accessibility to be CREEPS, I feel like online dating is really taking the intimacy out of things. Don’t you miss the days of meeting people while you’re already a drunken mess and get to wake up the next day regretting it?
      You know, the likelihood of a girl turning down a drink at the bar because a guy isn’t cute is a whole lot less than a girl swiping left because the guy doesn’t have a six pack or sports car in his profile picture. What’s up with that?
      What do you think? Are you one of these habitual “swipers” or do you still like approaching people in person?

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    • Kill the witches!
    • Hello there! 😏 So, if you don't know, I also read tarot cards in my spare time. If you'd like a reading please comment here on this topic. I will pull a total of three cards and go into depth about what they mean. What I need from YOU is a question that you'd like to ask the cards. If you have questions about tarot, feel free to send me a message here on the forum or come find me on discord. My discord tag is mumble#3384. I will NOT answer questions about tarot here in order to keep posting neat and organized.   DAILY CARD Nine of Pentacles (reversed) While in the upright position, the Nine of Pentacles card tells us a story of a person who is has worked hard in self-actualization. They have a goal in mind of who they are and they have put forth the effort to flesh out their desires. They are accomplished with establishing their character and are confident in who they've become. While in the reversed position, the Nine of Pentacles comes with many cautions. Not everything or everyone may be as it appears on the outside. When you've done the work that has blossomed with prosperity, others may try to corrode your self-esteem or steal credit where it is not due. This card strongly advises us against neglecting our better health in favor of serving others. You must always remember that your livelihood and happiness is YOUR responsibility. That should come before all else. Focus on self-care and self-development.  
    • 59 so are your insults
    • 60 women are weak
    • 59 (Getting tired of being the only one fighting three of you ..... MALES....)
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