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  1. Yeah, that one is a favorite of mine. A very enriching experience
  2. This was from my Erasmus in Lithuania, 2nd Semester 2019
  3. Edit: Dammit, I misread the term, *sigh* oh well For me, it's my ongoing relationship and it's been more than a year and half. First relationship well. I never really thought I would be able to connect so much with someone I love as her. It has been an adventure because every single obstacle we've been through, we were able to surpass it. I'm difficult to handle, me and her agree with that. She's incredibly strong with her patience and I know fully well that she's a very rare woman. I never dreamt of fame with someone, but more likely growth and companionship, being able to share my core self without any shred of regret or longtime fear. We are also naturalist in our relationship, we know that it is only natural when it begins as well as if so ends. To me or to my experience, it's been a long time, but I know fully well, that this is nothing, that I still have more to grow and learn.
  4. I fell in love multiple times, but tbh, some of them were actually mentally painfull. For me, the best type of falling in love is when it has a more realistic sense, you have more notion of yourself but you still feel more towards that person.
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