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  1. If you were to change a part of yourself for the better, what would it be and why? You can be general about it or a specific area of your life.
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  4. Hello all! o/ A couple people requested me to help give advice on how to post good nudes and what you need to have good image quality. I like shooting mine, I don't think it's top notch, but ultimately I had fun and it's an adventure to discover more of yourself. Note: If someone has better suggestions, tips or tricks, feel free to comment below! Much appreciated So, here it goes: General Advice: - Explore other parts of your body instead of zooming in on a specific thing. The more you show, the more possible themes and ideas, emotion and narrative you can put on those shots. - "Smirk" with your body, suggest or imply. This means using a different angle, object, clothing and some parts of yourself. - Pick an idea or a "story" and stick with it for a couple shots. Don't exaggerate, simplify. - Poses can imply movement. Example: removing a piece of clothing slowly, implies strip. Even if the image is still, make it so removing creates a line where it makes the viewer part of the image. - Crop your face, but you don't need to completely, make a suggestive bonus, tease. If the mouth shows. Smile, smirk. - Film instead of photographing if you want to make gifs or take frames for natural poses. For example, masturbation is good for this because there are moments you can't time your camera to take the shot. Record everything and take key frames as shots. - You don't need to show completely, shy can be sexy. Sometimes. - Put music, specifically dance music to make up the mood. Act like you're on a show. - Be patient. There will be times you might shoot more takes for this specific important detail. - Relax and have fun - Use a timed shot. Time it for 5/10 secs and rehearse what you're going to do. - Use Pinterest for boudoir pose ideas. - Use objects that may imply sexual suggestions. Food: Cherry or Peach, for example. - Bend your arms, curl fingers. Practice poses on a mirror until you understand what type of narrative you can do with your hands. That excludes fingering or jerking off. Challenge yourself. Equipment: ( Software | Hardware ) - Tripod - I highly recommend getting a tripod with a shoe mount - for a camera, like a DSLR or - a phone clamp, like this one - Here. This clamp does justice very well. - A good quality camera or smartphone. It both needs decent photo and video properties. Good bonus - Stabilization tech that the camera or smarphone has. My devices: Huawei P20 Pro or Canon 700D. - A Gif Converter App or Website - If you want to make gifs from videos. Website - Ezgif, Giphy Android - Gif maker iOS - Gif Maker - A Video Editor - If you want to take frames from footage you recorded instead of shooting. Editors - VideoPad, or Adobe Premiere Pro, if you have the moneys. - An Image Editor - There are multiple free open source programs. Editors - Gimp, for example - Articulated lamps or other - lighting is your best friend. Technical Aspect ( Light | Composition | Editing ) By: Wisco Dave In regards to "Soft" Light as per Dave mentioned, you can use vegetal paper and cover on an articulated focused lamp. Use a spare rubber band and simply create a temporary filter around the lamp. For "Hard" Light, try practicing placement on different levels of the target background. (Where you will be placing yourself for the shot), that way you can understand what works best for you and what type of body part you want highlighted. For the last two tips: Rules of Thirds - By following this reference, be sure to focus on the 4 major points of focus. If you were to make a narrative line ( from a to b) : from this example, if you were to place an object or person on the bottom left point, there is a higher chance for the viewer to follow through your story or message. In nudes: if you want the viewer's eyes from a to b on your body and object: feel free to experiment with horizontal, diagonal or vertical lines. It doesn't have to be rigorous. One other way is to form a triangle with your body, by combining three parts of yourself or an object close to you, like a sex toy. Mirrors are good for this. Imagine the same grid in portrait or landscape on the mirror and experiment. New: - Don't be afraid to feel a creative block. Rest, take some time to study references and appreciate others - If you want grow a good forward-thinking growing mindset, take some time to understand certain values like: fame, gratefulness acceptance, self-love and practice on how to make that distinction from time to time. In due time, when you are feeling low because you're not appreciated well enough, practice looking to think open for every single outcome. All of the mental mistakes you might make are pretty much welcome, because it will make you grow, as you practice this type of mindset. If you feel low because of a lack of appreciation or even reactions (specially if you still have this tendency to welcome this feeling) it's naturally okay but if you practice on welcoming and embracing that negative feeling and then » open yourself for this type of journey of every possible outcome, then it will be even easier for you to overcome the next negative things in practicing nude photography This works on both ends, model and photographer alike. - Go with the flow, if you are in the mood, then take that chance. - Learn to be humble from time to time. Arrogance is a short phase byproduct from short term desires but if you want to understand others and learn from your mistakes, practice being humble. It will help you a ton. -Filter all types of criticism, good or bad, with a grain of salt. Previous tip helps you on this. I might make this post better in the future, but right now this is all I can offer. Thank you for reading! o/
  5. Ted Talk - Guy Winch, Emotional First Aid I decided to write this post as a means to provide this incredibly meaningful ted talk video on how you should perceive and understand yourself better - to treat yourself better. Commentary and some derivating notes: When I watched this presentation, I felt really relieved as to why and how I should actively look, ignore and provide a clear and firm posture on my long term depression, as well as my light variant of aspergers. According to Mr. Winch: - You should learn to listen and identify certain patterns that your behaviour and thought makes. - Don't fall to the false conclusion that it's as easy as treating a physical injury or other. It's harder to get in touch with, due to the undeveloped consensus of the perception of the mind you have, plus how self-love can be seen as something gradually negative, specially in teenage years. - Act quickly and exercise. Example: I ruminate a lot. It can lead to periods of depression, therefore, if I identify > exercise a method to distract myself from keeping my thoughts from buzzing on a bad subject, the urge to ruminate will dissipate. - Focus and hobby. Occupy yourself. Create a schedule. Do what you like to do. - Don't be too much time alone at home, take a stroll, breath different air. Hope this helps anyone with similar problems or even different ones. Feel free to leave any commentary
  6. Yeah, that one is a favorite of mine. A very enriching experience
  7. This was from my Erasmus in Lithuania, 2nd Semester 2019
  8. Edit: Dammit, I misread the term, *sigh* oh well For me, it's my ongoing relationship and it's been more than a year and half. First relationship well. I never really thought I would be able to connect so much with someone I love as her. It has been an adventure because every single obstacle we've been through, we were able to surpass it. I'm difficult to handle, me and her agree with that. She's incredibly strong with her patience and I know fully well that she's a very rare woman. I never dreamt of fame with someone, but more likely growth and companionship, being able to share my core self without any shred of regret or longtime fear. We are also naturalist in our relationship, we know that it is only natural when it begins as well as if so ends. To me or to my experience, it's been a long time, but I know fully well, that this is nothing, that I still have more to grow and learn.
  9. I fell in love multiple times, but tbh, some of them were actually mentally painfull. For me, the best type of falling in love is when it has a more realistic sense, you have more notion of yourself but you still feel more towards that person.
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