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  1. I'm not sure why... If you spread your cheeks open and make sure to keep your back arched, it's easily the best feeling. Like, you can basically get the entire shaft inside and it's angled up towards ur g-spot and pushes a bit on the lining of your anus (which is great). Maybe because it looses its' "intimacy". It is a rather rough way to have sex- I mean, you can't even see the person unless you look back ahaha. But I've always enjoyed it- especially with a bit of choking or hair pulling..
  2. I'll be honest, in terms of wanting a relationship, I probably wouldn't ever use one of these apps. Mainly because everyone on them seems to be in general agreement that they're used for "hook-ups" and nothing more. It's impossibly frustrating trying to get a serious conversation out of somebody who just wants in your pants- and even when you get one, it doesn't mean they're open to anything serious. Now if we're talking just to fuck? Hell yeah. I love apps like Tinder and Hot or Not to find hookups. Most of my matches I only flirt with, and never actually meet- but it's nice to know the option is there. I extraordinarily love the fact that I don't have to leave my house just to meet someone new near me to plan a date with. It's like online dating without the worry that they're halfway across the world.... and you get to fuck! These apps are especially good for traveling. Whenever I visit another city than my own- I immediately download Tinder. Not even just for the hookups but for local advice on places to eat, things to do, and sometimes- a great club that's open late. When traveling, I don't find I have much spare time between eating, finding my way, and checking of my to-see list; and I certainly don't want to get drunk in a bar and wakeup with some stranger next to me (just because, that's really dangerous, and you should never follow a stranger to their home when you're intoxicated). Dating apps make it easy for me to get a "pleasure date" into my schedule without worrying if I'll find someone.
  3. It would be about 9 years, we used to talk daily but it's slowly been going down from then. It was a guy I met online as well haha I met him on Tinychat specifically- and told him I would marry him because of how good he looked. We exchanged Skype's and started falling for each other slowly. I met him 3 times in person, and it was really nice- but something always felt off. I dunno, we clicked amazingly but there was always a weird tension in the air. Anyways, the last time we spoke was a month ago- but i don't see the friendship ever ending to be honest.
  4. Doggy style for the feeling of it Riding if I'm in a goofy mood and wanna chit chat while im up there Missionary with one or two legs on his shoulder for the kisses
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