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  1. A very well put together guide Zeph! You truly are deserving of the premium role on 7a This guide really showcases how Zeph is one of the top tier members who post in #nsfw. He is someone members should look up to when posting high quality nudes ?
  2. Chi

    What's your favorite anime?

    Yay gonna rewatch them on there, thanks Danny.
  3. Chi

    What's your favorite anime?

    Nana & Claymore, both very old anime
  4. Chi

    Online Friends

    How would you describe your online friendships in comparison with your real life friends?
  5. Chi

    Tarot Card Readings

    Mumble gave me a tarot reading a couple of days ago. It was interesting and thrilling to know my readings! Would recommend trying it out. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  6. Chi

    Wise Sayings

    Post your favorite philosophical sayings down below!
  7. Chi

    Cool Facts

    Post an interesting science fact down below!
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