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  1. Chi

    Wise Sayings

    Post your favorite philosophical sayings down below!
  2. Chi

    Cool Facts

    Post an interesting science fact down below!
  3. zsh

    That's a nice background.

    1. Chi


      Thanks, got it from Pinterest 

  4. Chi

    Girls vs Boys

    54 Need more girls lel
  5. Chi

    Girls vs Boys

    Instructions: Count starts at 50 Boys add +1 to the previous post Girls subtract -1 to the previous post You cannot post twice in a row. How to win: Boys win if they get to 100 while Girls win if they get to 0 Current Wins: Girls: 0 Boys: 0
  6. Chi

    I like how your pfp matches exactly with your header, lol. Welcome to the site Joe!

    1. Joe


      lol I thought I was setting my pfp when doing the header.  and thanks for the welcome.

    2. zsh


      is that your dog or something?

    3. Joe
  7. https://www.instagram.com/lip.chic/
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