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  1. Winky is not an admin. Sounds more like something I would say. And admin behaving that way is unacceptable. However, I'm not an admin; i own the server and it's perfectly acceptable in my case.
  2. Hello, thanks for joining. You a member on the server?

  3. zsh

    Great posts dude!

    1. Zeph


      Thank you, Danny :)

  4. zsh

    What's your favorite anime?

    i got that heres the anime i have on my plex output.mp4
  5. zsh

    What's your favorite anime?

    there's a new episode coming out October
  6. zsh

    What's your favorite anime?

    I’ll check that one out
  7. zsh

    What's your favorite anime?

    I just put both of those on my plex
  8. zsh

    What's your favorite anime?

    Nanatsu no Taizai? [edit] found it
  9. This came out of nowhere
  10. After years of being asked to watch it, I finally ended up watching attack on titan. It's impressive. Tokyo Ghoul is also looking good. What's your favorite?
  11. zsh

    Online Friends

    Honestly i feel like online friends are more stable only because there i no pressure to see them and you can sort of passively interact with them to stay friends. IRL friendships are more demanding and take a lot of upkeep.
  12. zsh

    Girls vs Boys

    60 women are weak
  13. Are you a 7A person, Intell, or both?

  14. zsh

    Cool Facts

    Bat's literally always turn left out of their caves... Always
  15. zsh

    That's a nice background.

    1. Chi


      Thanks, got it from Pinterest 

  16. zsh

    7A Snapchat Group Signup

    We'll be making the snapchat group(s) as soon as we have enough signed up, @TheTrueMatt
  17. If you're level 40+(not Suite role, but level 40+), post your snapchat username in this thread to be invited to the new snapchat group(s).
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