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  1. zsh

    Online Friends

    Honestly i feel like online friends are more stable only because there i no pressure to see them and you can sort of passively interact with them to stay friends. IRL friendships are more demanding and take a lot of upkeep.
  2. zsh

    Girls vs Boys

    60 women are weak
  3. Are you a 7A person, Intell, or both?

  4. zsh

    Cool Facts

    Bat's literally always turn left out of their caves... Always
  5. zsh

    That's a nice background.

    1. Chi


      Thanks, got it from Pinterest 

  6. zsh

    7A Snapchat Group Signup

    We'll be making the snapchat group(s) as soon as we have enough signed up, @TheTrueMatt
  7. If you're level 40+(not Suite role, but level 40+), post your snapchat username in this thread to be invited to the new snapchat group(s).
  8. Religion is defined as following or believing in some super entity. If that weren't the case, it'd be called something else. We can't evolve past that. The principles don't change. Religious practices and traditions can and have evolved though.
  9. zsh

    Did you change your profile photo here or on discord and it changed here as well?

  10. John Wick 3 is out 

  11. zsh

    John Wick 3 Available

    If you're level 30+ and you havent seen John Wick 3 yet, it just became available on my Plex. Reply here if you want an invite, create a plex account at https://plex.tv and send me the email address you created the account with If you're not comfortable sharing your email in this thread, you're fine to DM me here.
  12. zsh

    Hugo Comte

    https://www.instagram.com/annaewers Alexander Wang Collection 2: Anna Ewers by Hugo Comte
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