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  1. Case #15644 can I ahve this looked into? idk where to pst this xD also #15642 If everyone in a vc and zoom makes it clear they don't want to see you do something stop doing it also if an admin tells you to stop you stop immediately as for the post one there was no MEM channel but as for the DM no i dont ahve anything agenst that one but ya as for the making it clear every mod before told me its cool just this 1 guy suddenly told me so so i got muted when it was NSFW and i do belive being exposed is allowed 3 mods told me im ok So why is this fucken lordy guy picking on me? all compalaints have been sent by him ALSO!!!! the DM thing i said out loud maybe I never even DMed??? so why is he picking on me on discord now im banned cant rejoin HELP??

    1. Starzy


      also if its ok i dont want this lordy guy to comment on my status but sure he can be involved in the ticket support

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