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  1. Do they ever work. Just got done with one that started out amazing in Sept. 2018 and continued until Nov. 2019 when I was told "I tried but it didn't work out for me" when I pressed for a "why", she said "I have no words that would help you understand" Your a great guy but my decision is final." Blocked, no talk or text..and no I'm not a narccisist, I treated her very well, phenomenal sex, met family and vacationed with each other's grandkids. I live 7 hours away and no, she is not seeing anyone else. Success stories? Pitfalls? Do's Dont's Ideas? JB
  2. JBPR

    Strap up ladies!

    What's everyone's thoughts about erotic pegging? JB
  3. JBPR

    How many?

    At once? JB
  4. Bent over furniture style, her on top and if she's doing me, definitely from behind or on my back with my legs tied back. JB
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