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  1. Title explains it all, happy to hear replies from all sides.
  2. Getting into photography, before I commit, any other good hobbies yall recommend?
  3. Me and my gf are thinking about watching a good movie next week. I have a really bad taste in shows and moves, any good recommendations for us two?
  4. Title is pretty self explanatory, I've been trying to do this as a hobby, tips?
  5. Are there any good Steam Games on the Market as of now? I've been getting bored of searching so I'm asking if any of you can recommend anything.
  6. <p>Where is everyone? Did the forum just die all of a sudden.</p>

  7. So I'm digging it with my girl right? I don't want to get her pregnant, any recommendations of good condoms? #socks on Also who's this new guy?
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