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  1. Simple, creative— Two words, change one of them for your new word. Baby Angel Cry baby or Angel face Carrot Hunting
  2. Spanish Major. Though I have not finished yet, i regret studying in the U.S. I chose it because culture and languages are awesome, and are great spectacles through which we can view/explore the world.
  3. That fire looks great. Really rich in detail and reminds me of the warm feeling they provide.
  4. zsh

    Welcome to the server and site. Your photography is decent.

    1. lolo


      i would agree, though there is much to learn still. appreciate the welcome.

  5. Chi

    Welcome to the 7A site lolo!

    1. lolo


      thanks for the welcome, and generosity you have shown towards me chi.

  6. lolo

    Love Advice

    If you really like someone, don't hold back. Better to say how you really feel and be rejected than to lose out on something big.
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